Aching to Write

Writing is my drug. I write a lot of non-fiction just to have something going on. I rarely run out of ideas for blogs, and I love posting things on Facebook. That said, there are days when I am aching to write on my Work In Progress (WIP) and can’t because I need a blog. I guess I have two levels of my drug. One is the write anything but keep writing drive, and the other is the write the characters and get them into trouble drive.

We’re about a week, give or take a day, away from the publication of The Bowman’s Inn Book 3 Autumn, and it’s a joy to have those stories finished. It’s been a joy to work with these talented writers, I don’t think I can ever say that enough. We bounce off of each other and get our drive engaged with hanging out in chat rooms and posting on Facebook and, of course, posting on Scribophile, where it all began.

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So now we are all thinking about Winter. I am imagining (as my alter-ego, Roxanna Haley) that a blizzard blows through Anteros and travel is impossible. Whichever rooms are occupied at the Inn, those guests choose to have room service sent up to them. The pub is empty, Mandy sent the staff home, and it’s just her and Val, cuddled up in the inglenook by the fireplace.

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They have lived many consecutive lifetimes together, because every time Mandy has a mortal life, Val can’t resist finding her and living that life with her.

But what if there was a time when he didn’t find her in time? Maybe he only found her in the last days of her life, because he had to earn more karma in order to get the permission to do so. There may be tears involved in writing this one.

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My D.L. Hungerford story for Autumn, The Nature of Love, kind of wraps things up for Charlene and Nate. Both may be recurring characters but not sure when they will have another story. Truly, they only came about when we lost a couple authors due to circumstances beyond their control for the Summer book. So I jumped in and created A Beautiful Day based on a prompt from a few years back. So as long as we have a good number of authors lined up and dedicated like the group for Autumn, I don’t have to write those two.

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That’s not to say I won’t. I do have a niggling idea that will evolve into writing their wedding day. And the more I think about it, the closer to being written it comes. Just don’t hold me to it.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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