This is it! Light the Lights!

Hi folks! Unless something has gone horribly wrong, today Amazon will have our third Bowman’s Inn anthology, Autumn, up for sale. We’re really excited because now we are reaching the number of books that might actually get attention from readers. I mean besides family and friends. I remember being so excited when we sold a copy of Summer, but it turned out to be one of the actual authors doing research.

So on Thursday I told you about the people who make up this very fun and very crazy Bowman’s Collective. Now let me tell you about the stories in 400 words each or less. That’s right, the blurbs.

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First up, Kate Whitaker’s Tall, Fair, and Awkward:

Candace had never fallen in love, so she’d turned to writing about romance to fill the void. Now a decade and a dedicated fanbase later, she finds herself taking a layover in Anteros during alumni weekend. While she laments her lack of a love life, Dan is wondering how his sister Chrissy talked him to going back to college, even for a weekend. He’s never been good with people, and had only had a social life because she dragged him kicking and screaming into hers. Can a chance run-in on the street (and a little help from Val) actually lead to love? Or will Dan and Candace continue on their separate paths?

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Ash Litton used a cell phone to bring two old friends together in No Signal:

The night Deidre slept with Aidan, she thought she’d ruined their friendship by wanting more. At the site of their old college hangout, the two reunite after six years of separation. Unsure of where they stand, Deidre has a choice: dine and dash, or finally have the courage to talk. Will Val be able to bring two friends back together, or will a fear of rejection keep them apart?

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A great shape shifter romance from Milli Gilbert, Shift:

More than just the leaves are changing in Anteros! Fleeing from a string of bad decisions and returning to her college town, Nikki Mason meets the grandson of an old friend and is instantly smitten. Cajun chef Felix Barteau has a few secrets most people would run from. A kind act brings the pair together, but Felix’s past — and Nikki’s deepest secret – threatens to keep them apart.

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Roxanna Haley brought back the teenagers from her summer story for J’hari and the East Wind:

Teenagers have to deal with the worst that life can throw at a person. Cole can’t wait to get out of high school and have an exciting career. J’hari wants to win a costume contest. A trip into the forest to find the latest in nymph wear backfires when a storm blows in. The two find themselves in a strange place, at the mercy of an ancient Greek entity. Really? Jay might need a little help, but this guy picked the wrong nymph to mess with.

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E.M. Youman brought us a Halloween scavanger hunt that nabbed a special prize in Map to You:

After a horrible accident, freelancer Ari Stepan, walked away from everything. He traded his tools for a Nikon and hit the open road with one goal. To win the heart of Karis, the girl he left behind. But when Ari discovers a Facebook update of Karis wrapped in the arms of another man, his plans to win her heart are dashed.

Stuck in Anteros, out of money, and dreams, Ari’s only saving grace is a job photographing the Mayor’s masked Halloween ball. The new plan: get his money and get out of Anteros. But when he meets a witch who steals his heart, Ari is wrapped into a scavenger hunt. Now he’s after the ultimate prize: finding out what’s hiding under her mask. Uncovering the witch’s secret will force him to face a dark past, he thought he left behind in San Francisco. He’ll have to make a life changing decision: Get the girl or get out of Anteros? A sexy short with a hint of humor.

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D.L. Hungerford again shares a cop who’s a shape shifter and a girl who doesn’t know that in The Nature of Love:

Charlene Brosh thought Nate McGee was tired of her company. Actually, he had a secret to tell her but didn’t have a clue how to go about it. The Bowman’s Inn bartender slips Charlene a drink just before all hell breaks loose. Will love keep Charlene and Nate together through another hostage situation?

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E.D. Vaughn’s shape shifter is fighting those who should be the good guys in Blink:

Life can change in the blink of an eye…

New Anteros resident Jade Davison wants to relax and celebrate her birthday with her husband. When he invites her to get a drink at The Bowman’s Inn after he’s finished with work, she jumps at the chance. Will his surprise gift be more than she’s willing to take?

Homicide Detective Barrett Kellan has a string of murder cases piling up on his desk, and missing evidence only makes his job more difficult. Running out of time and patience he walks out of the precinct in an attempt to cool off, but finds something he never expected.

When two worlds collide can Barrett get past his need to protect, or will holding on too tight break everything within his grasp? Can Jade see past the crumbling pieces of her life to take the help being offered? Stay tuned for the next installment of The Bowman’s Inn (Autumn).

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And we wrap up the season with Harper Saxby’s haunting In the Cards:

Remi St. Clair has spent her life following the whims of Fate and her Tarot cards. As a freelancer, she takes the jobs that call to her and travels where she wants, never settling long in one place. But, there was something missing in her life. Feeling restless once again, she reads her cards and they lead her to Anteros. Anteros’ sheriff, Jackson Aimes, has spent his adult life carrying the guilt of something he had no control over. He’d given up his dreams and dedicated himself to protecting the citizens of his town. A down-to-earth man, he had no time for whimsy – until he found Remi walking into town in the middle of the night. Can the Val bring these two completely different souls together?

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This is the largest volumn yet, and Winter could be just as big or bigger. Hope you will pick up the Bowman’s Inn Book One, Two, and Three, available today!

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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