I Love My Calender People!

Writers, especially Romance writers, especially the ones I hang out with, like to find a model or actor who looks like they envision their main characters to look. I have whole boards on Pinterest devoted to Works In Progress (WIP) and one for potential use at another time.

Among these beautiful people (and believe me, there is a wide range of what the public finds beautiful) are sports figures and strippers and emergency responders who do calendars to raise money and awareness for special things.

The Kansas City Firefighters did a calendar in 2012 to raise money for Coats for Kids. Lauren stands out a s beautiful woman who would make a kick-ass heroine. Lauren – Halstead, Kansas Fire/EMS Rescue

Featured image

Inspiration: My dad has been a firefighter since I was in 3rd grade. I want to be just like him and I am proud to carry on the family tradition.

Fitness Fact: I eat healthy and cut back on sweets and junk food, limiting myself to one soda a day. http://www.kansasfirefightercalendar.com/content0/our-firefighters/2012-firefighters/

(Looks like they are doing calendars every year.)

The Warwick Rowers were the first group to come to my attention as they championed LGBT rights and fought homophobia. Not only are they about to put out their seventh calendar for 2016, they have films, a book, and sets called Boatloads. All from Brokeback Boathouse. What’s not to love?

Featured image

(By the way, the female counterpart to these rowers are also doing calendars, and getting some negative vibes. Be a dear and support them as well. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/10/16/warwick-naked-rowing-calendar_n_5997222.html )

In an effort to raise money for New York City shelter dogs, these glorious men have posted shirtless for a calendar. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2792245/hunks-hounds-new-charity-calendar-featuring-topless-male-models-posing-rescue-home-dogs-gets-pulses-racing.html

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Current trenders Thunder Down Under gives us a sneak peak at these pretty strippers. They aren’t raising money for a charity, however, just trying to make a living. http://www.thunderfromdownunder.com/boutique/calendar-posters/pre-order-2016-thunder-calendar/

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I found a calendar with shiver-worthy models of color, but don’t seem to have a link I feel comfortable sharing. Just search for Flava Works and be careful.

Among my favorite photographs, and I am sure there are calendars out there using these works of art, are Michael Stokes’s Wounded Warriors shots. I believe that once people get used to seeing a person with missing limbs and serious history written on their very bodies, we will become less squeamish, and actually accept that things happen. There’s still a person in the body, a mind and a spirit that needs to be loved and praised and thanked. Raising awareness is every bit as important as raising money.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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