At the Hop!

Compared to getting publicity about your books, writing is easy. It’s just you, your imagination, and some form of recording your ideas in story form. When you finish your novel, or any length story, you have the huge task ahead of you to get it edited, perfected, sold (if going traditional), formatted, uploaded, and accepted on the various self-pub platforms (if you are self-publishing). Still not all that difficult, mostly.

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Then what? Sit back and cross your fingers that people find your work and purchase it? After all your friends and relatives have bought a copy, what do you do next? There’s a lot of good information out there on this subject. If you are a member of a great organization like Romance Writers of America, chances are you will find on-line workshops for this very subject. The San Diego chapter had the great good fortune to host Carolyn Jewel who presented a workshop titled How to Position Yourself for Publishing Success. I’ll delve into that great talk at a later date, but first I want to talk about The Writing Community.

You absolutely must have friends who are also writers. You absolutely must connect with them on Facebook, or Twitter, or Scribophile, or Google. And when a dozen or so of you have writing to publicize, you start a Blog Hop.

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What’s a Blog Hop? My very question to a fellow writer who was organizing one. I’d done guest blogs, I’d raved about books that other writers have written, and I’ve enjoyed writing about my own publications. But a Blog Hop is something entirely different.

This Blog Hop is called Scintillating Sunday, with a focus on the heroine’s point of view. The authors all signed up and on their scheduled day, they will post an excerpt from their book that highlights the heroine doing what she does best. The writer includes the Twitter hash tag #scintillatingsunday. All the writers who are signed up then go to the blogs and comment on the post.

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What does this do for you, the individual author? First off, it cements your place in a circle of good friends who are also writers. Then it attracts more traffic to your blog. Plus you get new people in to read your stuff and to tweet about it. It might not make you rich over night, but it certainly will be a great part of the fun of helping each other. Who knows what rewards you will reap from that alone?

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Here’s the first stop on the Hop: Author Amber Lea Easton and the book Anonymity. I’m hooked! Enjoy, and I will be adding a link to the current blog hop stop every Sunday. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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