Shorts are Where it’s At!

These days, you hear a lot about our shortening attention span, our fast-paced life, and our need for instant gratification. Mostly this applies to the United States, but I am sure there could be other metropolises with similar issues.

However, publishers are keyed to this short attention span, and busy people, and the call is out for lots and lots of short stories. Once upon a time, you mostly got shorts in magazines, and when those basically dried up, short fiction sat in a corner, humming and biding its time.

Featured image   These are not the shorts I’m looking for.

Then, bam!, the world of e-publishing took off, and there no longer needed to be a limit to the length of the story you are writing. And you can gather a bunch of your shorts and publish them in an anthology. Or, as I have done, you can get a creative group of fresh writers together and write your anthology together.

Featured imageFeatured imageFeatured image

The traditional publishers always notice when money is made for publishing in a way that doesn’t include them. Self-publishing has become more of a networking process as we have gone along. A best seller will get noticed, a good anthology will look sweet on a resume, and there is no problem with gathering an audience as you go along. And I am not the only one who thinks so!

My buddies at Scribophile have been involved with several anthologies. The first I became aware of was Love Least Expected, which featured stories by Kishan Paul and Isabelle Harper, just a couple of Scribophile friends.

Featured image

Then I have to mention the Spring, Summer, and Autumn books for The Bowman’s Inn. Winter is going to be a marvelous end to the year.

Some like their romance sweet, and that’s where Summer’s Sweet Embrace can be just the anthology for you. Melissa J. Crispin’s story, Linger, is a paranormal romance, and comes with an extra dose of conflict. That’s a good thing.

Featured image

Do a search on Amazon for anthology, and you will find more than just romance. However, this collection of April Fool’s stories caught my eye.

And bad boy bikers:

New Adult shape shifter romance:

Featured imageFeatured image

Cowboy Alpha male:

There’s around 400 pages on Amazon, although some are box sets and book series. But just look for more than one author’s name and you will have found an anthology.

Even vampire romance. That ought to hold me for now. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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