Parrot Tale

When I am not slaving over a keyboard to write novels, anthologies, blogs, and so on, I take care of my parrots and finches and canaries. My Double Yellow Headed Amazon, Maynard, is the bird I do the most interaction with. He’s also the noisiest, funniest, and most affectionate when he wants to be bird in the flock.

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Maynard calls me Mama! I use the exclaimation point because he never just says, Mama. He shouts, calls loudly, and if I don’t answer or come to him, he’ll start yelling “HELP!” repeatedly. I always worry that the neighbors, especially if they are new, will call 911.

And so I got an idea for a story. My main female character will probably be a writer. She will be home all day in a nice townhouse. She will be the sort of woman who keeps a parrot. Her neighbor and eventual love interest, will be a police officer who works nights. And tries to sleep during the day.

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When the parrot starts to yell “Help!” he wakes up, gets his badge and gun, and knocks on her door. From there it’s a running battle to keep the bird from bothering him, and keep him from being attracted to her. There will no doubt be bad guys who want revenge on the officer, and who move in on the parrot lady with plans to use her home to ambush the man.

I will make the parrot a Double Yellow, just like Maynard, because it will be pretty simple to write his crazy stuff and his sweet side. Part of the conflict in the relationship side of the story is that the parrot has bonded to the woman, and will attack and lunge at and hate the man. Not that it’s impossible to live with that situation, but Mike always wishes Maynard liked him, too.

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Plus, if the couple get married and go on a honeymoon, who is going to watch the parrot? Well, that could be the start of a series! Maybe the woman has a sister who works her own land, farming a bit and ranching a bit. And she agrees to come pick up the parrot and watch him for a month. One of her ranch hands, a hunk she has been trying to not be attracted to, hears the parrot yelling and checks on her. I expect she still lives with her parents or one, at least. But maybe they moved to a smaller house on the property to encourage her to marry and have kids. He is divorced, older, and not ready to remarry or run a ranch.

Then the next story – well, write what you know or what you are interested in, that’s for sure! Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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