Happy Thanksgiving, USA persons who celebrate this day! I have so much to be thankful for that it would take a year of posts to cover it all. I wonder what our characters would be thankful for? Even those who exist in other times, planets, or countries, there could still be thankfulness in their hearts.

For my shifter in Anteros, Nate and Char, they are thankful for at last having the truth out between them of Nate’s wolf form. And there will be a marriage down the road. Just wait until she finds out she might have a litter with her first pregnancy.

Roxanna Haley’s characters Val and Mandy, central to the Bowman’s Inn anthologies, are thankful for the growing business and the opportunity to help others with the basement shops just finished beneath the pub and hotel. Mindy is thankful that Val found her, and Val is thankful that his family doesn’t visit all that often.

Autumn Cover 3

Robert Whitlow and his wife Beth are happy to be remarried, and expecting another baby. That’s kind of a spoiler for the Winter anthology, but not so much. The story is about a life Val and Mindy shared in Ireland a few centuries back. I know they are both thankful they don’t have to do that again!

I’m working hard at my Regency Banquet sequel, Entree – Pure Captivation. Even though Belgium didn’t really exist in 1806, they didn’t celebrate Thanksgiving, and possibly still do not. But Maryse is thankful that Roland is along for the trip to the coast, and Roland is thankful that he will get to go home. His family is getting the news that he is missing in action, presumed dead, and they will be very thankful to find out he’s alive.

070915 proposal

I do want to say that I am so thankful for the board and members of Romance Writers of America, and especially the San Diego Chapter. I have learned so much as a writer, and blossomed as a member of the organization. I might actually gain the confidence to step up and take an office one of these days.


And for all the speakers who have shown up and shared their best processes with us. It’s amazing to me that these important men and women still take the time to reach out to other writers at all stages and give of themselves.

wired for story
Lisa Cron
Kristan Higgins
Carolyn Jewel

In closing, I do thank everyone who comes by to read this blog, to share my silly thoughts, and comment now and then. You are a great audience and you deserve a thankful day. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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