Valentine in Winter

You probably know that I am involved in submitting and publishing stories in The Bowman’s Inn anthologies. I write under both DL Hungerford and Roxanna Haley. I just finished my first draft of the story for the Winter anthology, and I am tickled with how well it flowed. Continue reading “Valentine in Winter”


Make One Change

Hope you had the best Holiday-of-Choice ever! I certainly did. I got some writing done, but mostly because our actual celebration was planned for Boxing Day. And I had a delicious but healthy dinner. Then topped it off with eggnog and whisky. I did have to walk the dog after watching Die Hard. My beloved husband got me one of those devices that tracks your steps, your sleep, your calories, and so on. Looking forward to a New Year of Accountability. Continue reading “Make One Change”


Self-publishing is a great boon to writers who have no hope of every attracting an agent or a big publisher. Still, it’s important to present your books and stories in a way that looks and feels professional. Edit the heck out of it, get rid of all grammar and spelling errors, and don’t get me started on punctuation. Excellent covers with special attention paid to the thumbnail look. These are just the basics. After that, you need to create and stick with your brand. Continue reading “Moo”

Break the Rules

Aspiring writers are given rules and tips and formulas and charts and character sheets and plotting methods from day one. Especially Romance writers. Because there is a certain expectation that readers have for reading a romance novel. Sure, you can label it a formula, but there are millions of ways to apply that formula. Still, is it a romance if you don’t provide certain expected points? Continue reading “Break the Rules”

What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?

The Reverend Robert Schuller passed away in April of this year. He wrote and said many positive things over the course of his 88 years. I don’t personally follow his belief system, but I know truth can come from many sources. So the title of this post, one of his quotes, speaks deeply to me. Continue reading “What Would You Attempt To Do If You Knew You Could Not Fail?”

The Game of Big Books

I hope Kristan Higgins doesn’t sue me for stealing that phrase from her recent talk. I think this would be a fun game to play! Now, understand that I haven’t read any of the Game of Thrones books. But I got a free copy at the last RWA meeting, and so I have to get the first one and read them all. I know a bit about the goings-on due to friends who have read them or have watched the television version. Continue reading “The Game of Big Books”