The Plot Thickens Again

Wow. I used to believe that once a writer thought of an idea for a story, all they had to do was write it out. Then I learned about rewrites and editing. Those were just telling the same story with better language. Nothing drastic. I was so naïve.

Cover 01
The first book in the series, available on Amazon.


My second book in the Regency Banquet series, a year overdue now, is morphing into something all together new. No longer a British officer on parole in what will someday be called Belgium, and a French princess in hiding, escaping to the coast to find passage back to England. Now, the princess and her family are escaping, and pick up Roland on the way. They still need his ransom to finance their own passage to America.

This version has been more fun to write, and there are lots of moments of sexual tension between the two main characters where they have no choice but to behave properly in the midst of the group. I got them as far as a farm run by people helping the aristocracy escape, and then I ground to a halt. My instinct was to make the man at the farm a traitor. And he may still be one. But it’s too soon in the story for that to happen.

Cover 02
The second book, should be out any minute now.

A week of not being able to get back to the story, and then inspiration! I wanted to showcase Roland’s military skills and knowledge, why not have a large group of refugees at the farm? Have the men ask Roland’ s help in making it safely to their destination. Hmmmmmm.

I’ve been “sprinting” with my writer friends. That is where we set a time to start and a duration, like noon for an hour, and write non-stop for that time. Then we compare word counts. It’s very encouraging. I had sprinted with the first new concept a week ago. Now, I went in to cut out and throw away a lot of what I wrote the week before. Frustrating, but hopefully the end result will be a better story, not a simple use of what’s convenient.

Someday, all this will be available!

I got the family group to the farm. They have been traveling at night, so it’s nearly dawn as they arrive. As the other men go to tell the farmer of their arrival, Roland takes Maryse into the dark barn to talk. They just work up to their first kiss when –

Ah, well, I do want you to buy this book when I finish it. So I’ll just leave it there. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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