Make One Change

Hope you had the best Holiday-of-Choice ever! I certainly did. I got some writing done, but mostly because our actual celebration was planned for Boxing Day. And I had a delicious but healthy dinner. Then topped it off with eggnog and whisky. I did have to walk the dog after watching Die Hard. My beloved husband got me one of those devices that tracks your steps, your sleep, your calories, and so on. Looking forward to a New Year of Accountability.

You probably think I am going to suggest you jump in to January 1 with a long list of resolutions and a new attitude. The problem with making all those changes at once is that your energy is split among them, and some will suffer. Then you might just give it up all together. That failure could haunt you through most of the year.

122715 foot in mouth

Writers face enough emotional challenges in writing alone, then posting their heart’s work for others to critique and review. I have a good-size file of stories I never went back to based on the early reviews and contest results. I do my level best to not let critiques and contests depress me, but it’s a struggle.

122715 encourager

So instead of jumping into the new year set up to fail, throw away all those resolutions. Studies show they don’t do any good anyway. Instead, make a New Year’s Revolution. Pick one thing that you can do consistently and stick to it. Once that one thing becomes habit, you can consider picking one more thing. And one more.

122715 change thought

The things you can do include drinking more water. Studies show that the human system really doesn’t do better or worse based on drinking 8 glasses of water every day. And that amount was arbitrarily chosen by a doctor who decided one glass of water every hour was a good thing. But drinking more water helps you feel full if you are trying to lose fat. Science has discovered that any fat you burn is released through your respiration as you sleep. And being well hydrated will help with that, right?

122715 casual promises

Get more sleep! I am amazed at how vital that is to weight loss. Eat slowly, so that your digestive system has time to get the furnace going and you have less stomach issues. Walk three times every day for ten minutes. Learn yoga to destress. See your doctor regularly. Make that dental appointment you have been dodging. Adopt a positive attitude in all things.

There’s a ridiculous notion that you should spend at least an hour before bedtime without any electronic devices on. No television, no computers, no e-readers. I’m good with everything except that last one. Also do not – let me say that again – Do Not Eat in front of a screen of any kind. When you eat, focus on your meal. Seriously. Eating while watching television is like texting while driving for your health.

122715 wake up and change

Change one thing, stick to your writing schedule, and don’t give in to negativity. A year from now, you will wish you had started today. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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