Nagging at Your Fingertips

*Note – I mislaid the information that this is the last Sunday of January, so I am posting the health blog today. I will finish with the Changing Eye Candy on Thursday.

A friend of mine who is doing really well in her weight loss struggle bought a Garmin Vivo Fit. She showed me how it tracks her steps, how many miles, steps needed to reach daily goal, and calories burned. It also tracks how well she sleeps, but you have to bring that data up on your phone or computer. What sold me on this particular device is that I can keep the information on my computer. Continue reading “Nagging at Your Fingertips”


Trends in Eye Candy Part One

I have a publishing deadline to meet this week, so I am going to cheat a little and rely on pictures to tell my story. It’s the story of how the idea of sexy people has changed. I’m mostly looking at the last hundred years. And today I’ll talk about the 1920s through the 1970s. Continue reading “Trends in Eye Candy Part One”

Your Hero Versus Darcy

We know we shouldn’t compare our writing and skills to anyone else, we are only in competition with our self, improving how we write now from how we wrote a year ago. But I think it might be fun to compare a modern romance hero to the pattern card of Mr. FitzWilliam Darcy. Of course, you can do a comparison of your own ideal hero, but I will go with Darcy for argument’s sake. Continue reading “Your Hero Versus Darcy”