Some decades ago when I started writing Regency Romance, I picked that genre because there was wonderful humor to be found in most of those stories. At that time, contemporary romance was all angst and yearning with a bit of travelogue. They took place in exotic locals but nothing else was all that interesting.

But I love humor so I stuck with the Regencies, with the occasional seque into Paranormal, and enjoyed reading and writing humor. Really, people come to expect outright silliness from me. For instance, someone asked the question about the Bowman’s Inn main couple, Mandy, who is human, and Valentine, who is a god. What would their children be? Wait for it. They would be –DemiGods!

010716 drunk

In my neighborhood is a park with a Jack and the Beanstalk theme. The sidewalk is curved and has leaves and the words of the story written on it. So every day I go up Jack’s stalk, and then back down. Up and down.

In the Bowman’s Inn first Spring book, when Val and Mandy first made love, they happened to do it on the desk where Val had just placed the day’s receipts to be deposited. Mandy picks up the bag and says she came into some money.

010716 awkward

I could read my husband like a book but he prefers the oral tradition.

I set my hair conditioner bottle upside down to get the last of it out. Sadly I failed to make sure the top was completely closed. On the bright side, my shower tile has never been so shiny and manageable.

The new dog in the house can’t control her tongue. She’s always giving Pup Lick Displays of Affection.

010716 annoying

Okay, so some people don’t care for puns, but if they were good enough for Shakespeare, I’ll take a dozen now and come back for more. Word play takes thought and experience. And when you live with another punster for twenty years, you are rarely caught without a snappy comeback.

I had membership in Romance Writers of America before I met my husband, and kind of dropped out because he provided all the Romance I could ever want. But now that I am retired and the kids are on their own, I rejoined. And guess what?

010716 random on tour

In the time I have been away, contemporary Romance got funny! The story lines now include situations where the main characters can be silly and have fun with each other. I’m reading Random on Tour: Los Angeles, by Julia Kent, and really enjoyed the gastrointestinal disaster that overtook the MCs during a long car trip. So real and so funny.

So there you have it. Now that I am a writer again, I can write in just about any genre and stay as funny as I am. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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