And Then I Woke Up

Some authors get their story ideas from dreams. I did get one idea for a Regency that way, and had a lot of fun writing it out. But the dream only gave me one scene, and the rest of the story has needed a lot of work. Why can’t the dream provide all the details? Do you have to pay extra for that service?

Imagine a story coming to you as you slept, fully written, edited, proof read, rewritten, divided into chapters, POV perfect, and flowing from your fingertips to page. I see something like the scene near the end of The Fifth Element where the shafts of light all converge on Leeloo.

011016 leeloo

Bam! You have a manuscript ready to shop to agents. Huh. That doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, does it? Waiting for rejection letters. Okay, back to sleep.

This time the dream tells you the name of the agent you are looking for, the one who is looking for the exact book you wrote, the one who came to speak at your writers’ group and particularly liked the outfit you were wearing.

011016 dreamscape

Now your book has been accepted by the agent, and she sold it to BIG DEAL Publishing. W00t! The advance is on the way, you can sit back, except you signed a contract to give them two more books in two years. Wow, that could be a problem. Time for a nap.

011016 fly

While asleep, you dream that there are, indeed, two more stories waiting to be told to you, and to not worry about it right now. The dream goes on to show you at book signings, on morning radio spots, and talking to Hollywood people about making a movie out of the book. Except they want to make the main male character younger so he can be played by Jaden Smith.

011016 definition

You wake up in a cold sweat. Sign books in front of real people? Even if they are fans, they could be crazy! Talking on the radio? That’s just not happening. Hollywood people are the top of the crazy list! But maybe the lead can be played by Jaden Smith as long as you get to have lunch twice a week with his dad.

011016 stats

That night, you dream that it was all a dream, and really, what you wrote thinking it was perfect is mostly plagiarized from old Marx Brothers movie scripts. Aw, dang. In the morning, you sit at your computer and wonder if you can turn all these dreams into a story.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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