Nagging at Your Fingertips

*Note – I mislaid the information that this is the last Sunday of January, so I am posting the health blog today. I will finish with the Changing Eye Candy on Thursday.

A friend of mine who is doing really well in her weight loss struggle bought a Garmin Vivo Fit. She showed me how it tracks her steps, how many miles, steps needed to reach daily goal, and calories burned. It also tracks how well she sleeps, but you have to bring that data up on your phone or computer. What sold me on this particular device is that I can keep the information on my computer.

I received one for Christmas, and have worn it 24/7 since I figured out how to sync it and how to read it. Bonus, it tells the actual time! So I can figure out how long it took me to walk those 2. 5 miles. This is the best thing ever. It has only a few issues for me.

013116 keep calm

First of all, I know I am burning calories while I type. I spend a lot of time typing. I should get extra credit for all that typing, right? Nope, doesn’t register on the device. I get a bright red line at the top of the device after sitting for an hour. And another dash for every extra 10 minutes. Grrrrr.

012716 without fitbit

And second, I don’t sit at my computer for more than an hour, then I have to go check bird waters and food, clean cages, do dishes, walk the dog, etc. Well, walking the dog counts on my Vivo Fit, but walking around the house with my hands full of water dishes or food dishes, not so much.

Come on, I know I walked at least 3 miles while I was cleaning and refilling. Why don’t I get credit for that? Maybe I should recalibrate my device to think my stride is really tiny, then I will get lots and lots of steps taken. Well, but that would defeat the purpose of the device, right?

013116 hey girl

Hemmingway didn’t have a nagging device, but he had cats. I am sure he had to get up and feed or pet or separate some of them. So there’s precedent for getting credit here.

013116 daddy fitbit

From now on, when I write a thousand words, I am going to count that as 10 steps. Now, if you’ll excuse me I have to march around in a circle while swinging my arms so that the red line goes away and I don’t feel like a slug.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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