Trends in Eye Candy, Part Two

Today I will look at what was considered attractive in men and women from the 1980s through the current rages. I understand that in the course of the decades, different looks were popular year by year, and that different cultures, West Coast vs. East Coast, etc., made a difference.

The 1980s were the first decade when I really was an adult and living on my own, except with roommates. So the looks I found to represent that are the ones that made me say, “I remember that!” The Olivia Newton John, Farah Fawcett years, when you wanted big hair and stone washed faded denim. Legwarmers. Warm-up suits. And you wanted to get physical.

The 1990s were most famous for not being the 80s. Not sure you could tell without looking at a calendar. Grunge just took the denim fad farther and ripped a few holes in it. And plaid shirts used as jackets were a thing. Don Johnson on Miami Vice popularized pastel colors for men and a blazer over a t-shirt. Classy. Dockers and sweatshirts still ruled.

The 2000s held a time of greatest triumph, surviving the Y2K computer issues, and the greatest sorrow, the destruction of The World Trade Towers and loss of lives difficult to comprehend. We lost the ability to look at a person without looking at their nationality or religion. Fashion flew all over the map. David Gandy brought a masculinity to male models.

Currently I am thrilled to see more and more large size people being presented as sexy and appealing. Because truth! I know lots of men who find the woman below attractive, even stimulating. And this guy is my Papa Bear image. Cuddling with him would be all things wonderful.

Lucky me, I have a husband who is like a combination of Gandy and Papa Bear. I am so lucky and so thankful.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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