Happy Valentine’s Day

I know I am an oddity in that I have always found the Big V day as a positive one, even though I had no prospects of a happy ever after until I was 40 years old. For some reason, the day of hearts and flowers and the story of a saint who helped women get married always brought me joy.

So it’s no wonder that when I created an Urban Fantasy, it turned out to be a city where Eros aka Cupid wandered into a bar and started serving drinks. It’s perfect for me, and so many of the wonderful writers who got involved have been absolutely thrilled to play in my universe.

Well, the fourth book is finally available! Winter is a little crazy and a lot of fun, with just a touch of tears as Val tells Mandy about a past life they shared. He might not be telling her the whole truth, but he will be with her in the current life. Maybe that’s all that matters, really. (Time Passages by Roxanna Haley)

There is a very touching look at Hades and Persephone and the ending of the season. (Equinox by Kate Whitaker) We’ve got a blind science professor from the University.(Hunting the Hunter by Misty Carlisle) And a wonderful snow-loving shifter who meets an incubus in the woods. (Snow Angel by E.D. Vaughn)

Can you imagine your life if you really had shoulder spirits trying to help you out? (Hopeless Romantic by Milli Gilbert) Well, the couple who have a big issue that might destroy their marriage don’t have any help.(Find You Again by Brandy Ayers) Except for Valentine Archer.

Coming up over the next year (Oh, yes, we are just insane enough to do this all over) we will have a Spring 2016 with a wedding and lot of fey, a Summer 2016 with athletes gathering to run across the city, an Autumn 2016 with a music festival going on, and a Winter 2017 that might just have an ice carving contest. Anything goes in Anteros.

Keep your eyes open for a special edition of all the stories, and some cool give-aways for our fans. If you haven’t purchased your Winter copy yet, what are you waiting for? Val says you may find your true love once you read his stories. I don’t believe a word of it. Besides, he hasn’t written anything himself.

Be with the one you love! Have a great day even if you are learning to love yourself. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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