Happy Characters are Well-Rounded Characters

Do you know where you are? Do you know how to get to the nearest store for shoes? How about the best deal for fresh produce? I’ve lived in Southern California all of my life and in my current city for 20 some years. I know which roads will work well for travel at certain times of the day. Continue reading “Happy Characters are Well-Rounded Characters”


Maximum Effort

Okay, okay. I admit to being a huge Deadpool nerd. I am newly converted, not one of those lucky souls who read the comics way back when. But nonetheless, I love the character. Really. And his Maximum Effort mantra feels right at home as I stay on the path of healthy eating and activities. Continue reading “Maximum Effort”

Conventional Wisdom Part One

A writer never stops learning, either in reading books on the craft or taking workshops or gathering with other writers. During the last weekend in February I had the wonderful experience of going to a science fiction con, ConDor, and taking workshops that were attended by other writers and led by other writers. I had a really wonderful time. And I am going to share some key points with you. Continue reading “Conventional Wisdom Part One”

Is This a Fantasy?

Early in my life, I discovered Fantasy in movies and books. If memory serves, my first exposure was through the animated Disney movie, The Sword and The Stone. That was closely followed by Alakazam the Great, another animated movie from Japan, involving a monkey king who learns an important lesson about life. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alakazam_the_Great Continue reading “Is This a Fantasy?”