Hidden Treasures

In the last month or so, I have watched some films and read some books that have been a lot of fun. Yet no one has told me just how good these things were. That’s a shock, as I have many friends who like to tell me about movies and books. I feel as if they are keeping secrets from me.

032416 time to read

My husband started reading Imhotep by Jerry Dubs, and told me I would like it. And that there were a few more books in the series. Wow. Like the book is an understatement. Self published and amazing, my fingers are crossed for a movie soon. Ancient Egypt holds so much mystery and magic, which is opened up for our enjoyment in this series. Amazing reading experience. Sure, the stories are bloody and violent. Sure, characters you start to love end up dead in horrible ways. That’s how real the experience is.

032416 imhotep

A certain Big Box store has a bin of movies on DVD that are about $3.50 each. We got many movies that were on our wish list like Grease and I am Legend, but also picked up a couple we had only the vaguest idea about. And we loved them!

032416 rango

Rango is an animated film where the main character is voiced by Johnny Depp. That may or may not have been the reason I picked it up and forced my honey to watch it with me. We were blown away. This is one of the funniest movies I have ever watched. And not just because of the singing burrowing owls. The town thought they needed a hero. What they got was Rango. Turns out, that is what they needed.

I’m going to watch it again with the subtitles on, because I know I missed some of the funny.  The dialogue is fast paced throughout the movie.

To complete our Men In Black collection, we picked up MIB 3. I only have the dimmest recollection of that movie coming out. I don’t even remember hearing how much it grossed on the opening weekend. This is so much better than MIB 2, almost better, at least equal to MIB 1. The character of Griff alone puts this in a crazy category of smart. I honestly was on the edge of my chair toward the end of the movie, and let me tell you that as a person who is afraid of heights, those jump sequences were equal parts funny and scary. And revealing the past to Agent J that would make his future brighter, awesome moment. Good thing I had tissues handy.

032416 agent j

So ask your friends what they are reading, which movies they have watched lately, and see if you get some surprises. At least your friends aren’t hiding things from you. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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