We’ve Got Things to Say

Real Characters have one thing in common. Each one has something to say, and won’t let you rest until they get their time on the stage. However, there’s one huge drawback here, which authors face daily Continue reading “We’ve Got Things to Say”


Off With Their Arms!

If you sit on the edge of your chair without leaning your spine against the back of the chair, raise your hand. Good for you! Posture is one of the most important exercises you can do, and if you as a writer spend uncounted hours sitting at a computer, then knowing how to sit correctly is vital. Continue reading “Off With Their Arms!”

Welcome to the Slightly Darkish Side

Rick Polito made internet history in 1998 with his witty synopsis of the movie, The Wizard of Oz: “Transported to a surreal landscape, a young girl kills the first woman she meets, then teams up with three complete strangers to kill again.” Of course, it took a few years for the Internet to become a thing, but this line has been going around for years. And we laugh because it’s such an odd take on the plot, while being absolutely true. Continue reading “Welcome to the Slightly Darkish Side”

Signed: Princess Agatha Serefina “McSparklepants” Hightower

Names go so far to add dimensions to your characters. I have known writers to get to a certain point in the story and realize the name of a main character doesn’t suit that character. This is when they shout out for help from the Scribophile groups. And we make suggestions like the title of this blog post. Yeah, we’re good like that. Continue reading “Signed: Princess Agatha Serefina “McSparklepants” Hightower”

Goals and Reasons

As I look at things you should provide for your characters, even if these things never come up in the story itself, one of the most important – two! Two of the most important things are a goal and a reason. For instance, my goal in the last year was to find a dog that met certain criteria of size, breed, and age. The reasons for this included that I am home alone frequently, and a dog is good companion, and that walking a dog is a priority and will help me with weight issues. Continue reading “Goals and Reasons”

Do Hobby Horses Come From Hobby Farms?

Perhaps you are not aware that a small farm that does not need to make a profit and that has only a few of some adorable animals is referred to as a hobby farm. In New Zealand, it’s call a lifestyle block. As more city dwellers long for the joys of a simple, country life, small farms are growing in popularity. Continue reading “Do Hobby Horses Come From Hobby Farms?”