Gosh Darn It!

My favorite movie of this year so far has been Deadpool. I seem to be in the majority here, as it’s grossing more money than any other R-rated film except American Sniper, which it may shortly overtake, and the top of the heap, The Passion of the Christ, a torture-porn (I love that term!) that was a must see for many of a certain faith.

The movie Deadpool did something all readers wish movie studios would learn to do. Don’t mess with the source material. The comic has a huge fan base, loyal to the brash do-gooder, cheering on his foul mouth, and emulating the code of honor he lived by even before he was tortured into a mutant. They also did an amazing job in casting Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.

040316 behaviorists

A comment I read on Facebook about the movie (and yes, there are a lot of people making outrageous claims, like Zoolander 2 was funnier) bemoaning the use of language foul and crass. Oh, really? Well, let’s take a look at bad language, shall we?

It all started with George Carlin. Just kidding. Swearing and bad words go back much farther. In Jolly Old, the best cuss word was bloody, as in Bloody Hell. Interestingly enough, the word didn’t start out all that bad, but though usage seems to have gotten worse and worse. And that’s a very interesting thing because most words in this category start out horribly bad, and get used so much there’s not so much bad attached as all that. http://www.salon.com/2013/05/11/the_modern_history_of_swearing_where_all_the_dirtiest_words_come_from/

040316 sentence

You may say damn and shit in moments of stress. Fifty years ago, you would have been asked to leave the premises of taverns or homes. Hell was only allowed if you were in church and telling everyone you were saving them a seat in the handbasket.

040316 merde

Why do we like to swear so much? Honestly, I don’t think of using bad words as an instinct. More likely, we pick it up from the people we hang around with. Or we use it to see if we can shock someone. I remember the first time my son used the word Fuck in my hearing. He thought maybe I didn’t hear it, because he apologized right away. Once he realized I didn’t care so much about that word, he relaxed both at home and around his friends. He doesn’t use it constantly, not even now that he’s on his own, but it’s back there in his vocabulary.

040316 forklift

Think of a few more words you would use to swear with, and leave them in the comments. We’ll see if we can come up with their history. Right after I go see Deadpool again. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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