Goals and Reasons

As I look at things you should provide for your characters, even if these things never come up in the story itself, one of the most important – two! Two of the most important things are a goal and a reason. For instance, my goal in the last year was to find a dog that met certain criteria of size, breed, and age. The reasons for this included that I am home alone frequently, and a dog is good companion, and that walking a dog is a priority and will help me with weight issues.

Now that I have met that goal, I now want to find obedience classes to take her to, the reason being that I think Tilda will be amazing at Agility. And that will be a wonderful exercise for me, as well.

a beeutiful day

These are only some of the goals I have. Others include finishing books, keeping up with blogs, posting on my Facebook pages, downsizing my birds, and providing cleaner and healthier environments and diets for all my pets. And napping. The reasons include making me happy by sharing my writing, getting to be funny on a regular basis, being a responsible pet owner for my companion animals, and not being so tired all the time.

041016 lizzie and darcy


Shall we look at Miss Elizabeth Bennet again? Cause I can’t get enough Pride and Prejudice. Miss Eliza learns about the shabby treatment delivered to the charming Mr. Wickham at the hands of Mr. Darcy. Her goal becomes to learn as much about this as she possibly can. The reasons are that life in a small town in Regency England had little to provide in the way of entertainment. But also because Darcy treated her in a shabby manner so she was willing to believe the lies that Wickham poured into her shell-like ears.

041016 han

Han Solo’s goal seemed to be to amass as much wealth as possible through any means possible. But we don’t learn the reasons for that in the movie we saw first. He seems to believe he can’t count on people to support him when needed. He does learn that people are important and worth the effort it takes to get to know them, help them, and accept their friendship/love.

022516 Roland

My Regency Banquet main characters, Roland and Maryse, have separate goals to begin with, but soon unite in wanting to get out of Europe and away from the war. Roland’s reasons are that he has seen enough of war and slaughter, so returning home while he can is a good idea. Maryse’s reasons include being victimized by a soldier, being in danger of execution for her royal blood, and following her brother and other family members who have the same goals. Eventually Roland and Maryse fall in love and their goal becomes building a new life together in England. The reason? Why, true love, of course!

Thanks for reading, I will be back on Thursday.

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