Attitude is Everything

Today is the last Sunday in May and time for me to address health issues for writers. No one can make you change your thinking so you may change your life. You may start eating healthier, exercising, keeping a positive outlook because someone wishes you to do so. But if the desire to change doesn’t come from your heart, you might lose the fat you want to be rid of but have no skill at keeping it off. Continue reading “Attitude is Everything”


Now Entering Jane Austen Land!

I go through audio books like I go through something that doesn’t last very long but you really like it. As a result, I often listen to my discs again and again. Sadly I only own one Jane Austen book on CD, but it’s Pride and Prejudice so it’s good. I try to limit my listening to P&P to once every six months. Same with the first Outlander book on CD. Don’t want too much of a good thing. Continue reading “Now Entering Jane Austen Land!”

Do You Watch Book Trailers?

Most of my successful author friends have made book trailers for their releases. They say it is totally worth it. I am dabbling with the idea of making a trailer when I get book two out (soon! Really soon!) but for my own interest, I don’t bother often with watching the book trailers that are out there. I think that I think I am too busy. Continue reading “Do You Watch Book Trailers?”

Advertising and Promoting Your Self Published Book

Welcome to release day! Your book hits the shelves or Amazon today. The pre-order sales have been good, and you get rave reviews on the story and the cover. Best of all, you have in person book signings at three major conventions, Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America, and the Writers Digest Annual Conference in New York City. Continue reading “Advertising and Promoting Your Self Published Book”

The Struggle is Real

Some of my favorite Pinterest how-tos for writers include How To Land a Literary Agent and Get Your Book Published, How To Snag a Publisher First Time With Your Synopsis, 8 Tips From Literary Agents About How to Get Published, and What Stops You From Self Publishing a Book on Amazon. Backing up, there are pins about how to write that book in the first place, but let’s say your book is ready to go. Now you look for an agent or editor who can accept unagented work. Continue reading “The Struggle is Real”