The Struggle Continues

On Thursday I shared my experiences and those of people I know on what to do once you have finished writing your book. We got to the editing point. Now we either send it to an agent or publisher, or get it formatted to self publish.

If you send it to an interested party and they buy the book, congratulations! Use some of your advance to order book marks, pens, doodads and stuff to give away at book signings. Be sure you have the final version of the cover to use before doing that.

051516 love hate

Cover? Well, you may get lucky and be allowed input on the cover. But chances are the publisher has its own style and will do what they want. Self Publishers will have the final say on covers, but have to seek out a talented cover designer in their price range. If you are lucky enough to have the skills and talents to design and execute your own cover, that’s awesome! You’ll be dealing with typeface, photos, possibly drawings, and color schemes. The second book will have to wait while you take care of all this.

051516 the end

You see why many writers who have artistic talent still use cover artists. It’s all a matter of what you most want to do. And you have to look at the thumbnail, or super small, version, to be sure it still captures the readers’ eyes. I have friends who started their own pre-made cover set-up and advertise it on Facebook. They certainly have talent.

051516 publish

Now the fun begins, traditonal or self pub. You get to meet your readers! There are opportunities to sign books everywhere. Be aware and take advantage. If you only have an ebook available, like me, you can print out a few copies from Lulu, Lightening Source, or CreateSpace for the signing.

051516 stupid

Have your doodads on the table, hopefully on a nice tablecloth, have a sign-up list for your email newsletter, and have a smile on your face for everyone. Ask how they spell their name, and with luck they will have a name badge if you are at a convention. Have your own cash box or possibly a phone with a Square so you can charge them.

051516 nora signing
Ms. Nora Roberts at a book signing

I leave it to you to have a bowl of candy on your table, but I couldn’t do that. I would empty it myself too quickly. Perhaps things healthy and not sweet would work, like little packs of almonds or trail mix. Or forget the food and stick with the give-aways.

051516 me at Chris Moore signing
Me talking to Christopher Moore

On Thursday, when I will be back, we’ll look at giving away free books and other promotion gimmicks you may have heard of. Thanks for reading!

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