Do You Watch Book Trailers?

Most of my successful author friends have made book trailers for their releases. They say it is totally worth it. I am dabbling with the idea of making a trailer when I get book two out (soon! Really soon!) but for my own interest, I don’t bother often with watching the book trailers that are out there. I think that I think I am too busy.

A couple I have watched have been pretty cool. So I thought we should look at some and make up my mind.

052216 scattered seeds

My first attempt is Scattered Seeds by Julie Doherty. Not my favorite historical time period, but the trailer is nice. Music, the short narration at the beginning, the colorful photos used. But it did nothing to sell the book to me. I couldn’t tell if Edward or his son was the hero. There’s little about the curse that clarifies their situation. And when they finally have a good crop in the ground, they rush off to follow a woman’s trail? My common sense is tingling. Going to pass on the book.

052216 in his keeping

In His Keeping is a contemporary erotic murder mystery thriller series by Mia Francis. This trailer sold the series to me. I’m not that fond of the bondage, sub and dom romances. But this one caught me up in the fact the hero’s old girlfriends are turning up dead. No wonder he’s a recluse.

052216 the tiefling

The Tiefling by Barbara T. Cerny is a paranormal with an interesting twist. The trailer is rather ametuerish. But it still sells the book well. Searching the world, neither dead nor alive, looking for the other half of his angel soul. Yeah, I’ll hit that!

052216 a very merry chase

I’m all about Regency romances. A Very Merry Chase by Teresa Bohannon is styled an old fashioned Regency in the manner of Georgette Heyer and Barbara Cartland. The trailer sold me much more that that description did. A wealthy woman who can handle a pistol and a drunk highwayman. Oh, so good!

052216 sins of lord easterbrook

A darker story but no less intriguing is The Sins of Lord Easterbrook by Madeline Hunter. The music is suitably dark, the hero is suitably gorgeous, the story involves a past and a heroine in great need. He is gifted with a dark curse. That’s the kind of gift I would certainly return. Or regift. Love the use of a flower bud that opens when the words say he will do anything to be master of her body. Yes, I will be buying this one.

052216 better with book

So there’s a very very small sample of trailers. If done well, or if the book is good enough to be sold in a few sentences, then a trailer is the way to go. What do you think? Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

One thought on “Do You Watch Book Trailers?

  1. I don’t watch trailers (like you, a time challenge, I think) and unless they are spectacular and give me something that I can’t get from the blurb, they tend to be ho-hum. On the brighter side, they don’t usually hurt and some people do enjoy watching them. So if a writer has fun putting them together, I’d say, “Go for it.”

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