Attitude is Everything

Today is the last Sunday in May and time for me to address health issues for writers. No one can make you change your thinking so you may change your life. You may start eating healthier, exercising, keeping a positive outlook because someone wishes you to do so. But if the desire to change doesn’t come from your heart, you might lose the fat you want to be rid of but have no skill at keeping it off.052916 want to fly

I’m bouncing up and down the scale these days, as one emotional barrier after another slams down in front of me. I take time to get over the issues, then focus on what I like about having lost almost 70 pounds.

I did it before. When I first started on Medifast, I lost 70 pounds like I only had to breath to shed fat. But then financial issues arose and we were lucky to have food in the house, healthy or not. I did my best to stay the course, but I still put back on 30 pounds.

052916 list

Almost two years ago, all our financial issues cleared up, I got back on a modified Medifast plan, I retired from my stressful job and stepped up my exercising. I’m just a few pounds north of that 70 pound mark. After that, I will be charting unfamiliar territory.

Focus on what I appreciate about losing weight helps keep me going in the right direction. I love going out to dinner, eating half of my serving, saying I’m full, and getting looks of disbelief from friends. I love getting up from a chair that has arms and not having to push or pull my hips out of the confinement. I love being able to sit at a booth, not having to ask for a table.

052916 fit in booth

I’m comfortable at movie theaters. (I still have to potty every hour, so I miss some of the movie but I get to stretch)I can’t sit for longer than an hour at my computer. I love trying on clothes I haven’t worn in a year and seeing how much better fitting they are now. I can wear my knee socks again. I can wear shoes instead of sandals or flipflops.

052916 movie theater

I rarely get depressed these days, and when I do, I don’t stay depressed for very long. I am motivated to get things done instead of dealing with a total lack of energy and ambition due to anxiety, depression, or just plain dissatisfaction with life. My support group, a leading factor in keeping my head on straight, uses the following mottos” I can and I will. Whatever it Takes. Attitude is Everything. I live by the 80-20 rule. Do I need to eat ice cream today so that I can stay on track the rest of the week? Not a problem. I don’t beat myself up, I just keep up the forward momentum.

052916 when052916nee socks

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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