To be Healthy, You Need Balls

As writers, we are really good at sitting. We sit at our desks to write, we sit in coffee shops to write, we sit on a couch and watch TV and write, and we sit in comfy chairs for a live interview that will be on the national news later that day. We sit at tables in bookstores for signings, and we sit in our car or bus or train getting around to these places. Continue reading “To be Healthy, You Need Balls”

Fathers I Have Known

I’m a sucker for a story with a strong father-daughter relationship. I grew up without being allowed around my dad, and I envied those around me whose dads paid special attention to them. My best friend who lived across the street from me was at the top of my envy list. Her dad worked for the telephone company and when he came home, he let her drink the water left in the cooler on the back of his truck. He often saved some cookie or other treat from his lunch to give her. Any questions on why I have food issues? Continue reading “Fathers I Have Known”

Gender Occupations

I am a huge fan, in many ways, of John Scalzi. I love how often he plays with my brain by not specifying the gender of someone at first, and because they are the captain or the doctor, my conditioned brain is thinking male. And they turn out to be female. Of course, Scalzi is writing in his own future universe, but he still had me spinning when a character that I assumed was human turned out to be not human. Very well done. Continue reading “Gender Occupations”

Hybrid Authors Are Not Paranormal

We get so used to reading romances where the characters are part wolf or part demon or all vampire. They could be considered hybrids. When we talk about a hybrid author, however, we are referring to a traditionally published author who decides to self publish, or self published author who is picked up by a traditional publishing house. Continue reading “Hybrid Authors Are Not Paranormal”