Love Means You Belong

If you have a chance to see the documentary, Love Between the Covers, you really need to see it. No matter what you write, you should watch this amazing film. Have some tissues ready, and then afterward contact me and I will tell you about all the people I have seen face to face that are in this film. Just for bragging rights, that’s all.

But I pulled one overriding theme out while I watched this for the first time. That is that many women turn to reading romance books because they are missing something from their lives. And then if there aren’t any books about women like themselves, they write.

060216 love between poster

A lesbian romance writer shared the poignant story of the first time she kissed another woman. And because she was young and insecure, she ran off. Luckily the woman she kissed found her and told her that nothing they did together could ever be wrong. Yes, I got shivers writing that, same as I did while watching the film. That’s what everyone of us wants our soul mate to say to us.

060216 radclyff
Radclyffe, founder of Bold Strokes Books

A woman of color could not find any romance books about heroines that looked like her. She started writing and plotting stories that filled the need for her. Guess what? She wasn’t the only reader looking for strong women of color in romance! Through the years since her husband passed away, this writer has had the support of her fans, and in turn they have repaid her for the love and life they found in her stories. She takes bus trips once a year with these incredible fans, to places of huge importance to African Americans, and in some ways they heal their ancestors’ unfulfilled dreams with their tears and community.

Beverly Jenkins on bus trip
Beverly Jenkins on annual trip with fans to explore Black History

060216 forbidden

A remarkable woman works as an assistant to writers in areas like web pages, newsletters, and street team events. She is above average in size, like me, and she totally pushed the first author she worked for to give a secondary character, a chubby girl on the cusp of womanhood, her own book. There was a huge following for that character and her book, all women who felt at some time that their own appearance meant more than the person they were inside.

060216 Eloisa James and Kim Castillo
Eloisa James shares her RITA win with Kim Castillo

Two writers who both went through bad marriages where their spouses belittled their writing and said hurtful things about their ability to be self-supporting through their books, found each other and formed a working partnership that filled that void in their lives to be valued for their talents. They are what I call sisters of the heart, as close as family and twice as encouraging.

060216 two authors
Writing partners Susan Donovan and Celeste Bradley

Watch the trailer to get a feel for this documentary.

060216 Direcxtor Laurie Kahn
Director Laurie Kahn attends the “Love Between the Covers” screening during the 2015 Los Angeles Film Festival at Regal Cinemas L.A. Live on June 14, 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

Is it any surprise the film creator is female? Laurie Kahn is the writer, producer, and director on board. I can’t thank the creators of this amazing documentary enough for taking Romance Writers and Readers seriously, for covering a broad spectrum of the people involved, and for sharing the results with us. I’ve never been so proud to be a writer as I have been since I saw the film. You can get your own copy on July 12! Sign up for the newsletter here: <>
Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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