Clarity Saves the Dray

I read a lot of eboks and love the fact I can carry so many around with me. But now then a word is left out in a sentence and no one noticed it before the book was punished. Maybe the wrong word slipped in unnotice. So today I want to talk around claire. Ity.

To start, let’s begin with the first video. The Brain as explained by John Cleese.

Cleary, our brains are designed to fill in the craps that have been left. So I can still entoy the book. I have never thrown my e-reader accost the room. I can follow the story lime and route for the good guise. Do you have this sam talent? It’s almoose as good as Autocorrect.

060916 utocorrect

Perhops it is a sign that editing is way over priced. Or that we as a rice have revolved beyond the need for such overdone details. For examplary, you probably can read this graphic.

060916 every letter

To continue, let’s go on with the second video. John Green on Why and How We Read (condensed).

Imagine if our brians niver evolvede passed hydroglyphics. We’d still be in denial wading for a crocodile to swallow us.

Learned 1337 I did from a web comic, MegaTokyo. Apply this I do to car license plates. Much fun. Elvish and Klingon, not so much. Poodooh.

060916 1337

Lucky for us, we learned to make lots of alpha males so that writing can be read by anyone who has gone to a pretty good school and not had any leering disabilities. Thus we can perceive history through the actual residents of the past tense.

Return to the present and the future and we have eboks at hand along with many ways to write them and publish them. Now we need to see if perfect editoring is a thing. This blog: says it is. And in the comments it seems as long as the eror isn’t on page one the first, everything else can slide. If the story is strong and good and stands for truth and justice, with a lot of heavy petting, then we’ll still read it, right?

060916 evolution of reading

Readers do have a movie going in their heads as they read your story. And who watches the movie all the way to the end credits? Well, some movies have neat stuff after the credits, so you should sometimes wait.

To clonclude, let’s end with the last video: 5 Self Edit Tips to Improve Your Writing by by Kimberly Dawn Rempel

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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