How Love Works

A few days ago I celebrated 19 years of marriage with the only man on this planet who is perfect for me. I am always amazed that we found each other. And terrified at how close I came to not getting to know him for a couple reasons. I would have missed the happiest and most interesting years of my life so far.

He tells me he loves me several times a day. Better than that, he shows me by needing to touch me, hold my hand, whenever we are near one another. In the car, he often takes my hand and kisses it. He loves to sneak up behind me and kiss my neck while fondling, well, you know. And he is a great kisser. In fact, I decided to take a chance on him because he kissed me better than anyone else ever had.

first and only dance

To me, that’s how love works. You take a chance. You find out something wonderful about another person. You bring them laughter and an easy life. They bring you affection and physical stimulation. Hand in hand, you make your way through life’s shoals and rapids.

We have different interests. He collects fountain pens and mechanical pencils, is a talented graphic designer, and my spell checker long before spell checkers were cool. I am fascinated by the pens and pencils he finds and love his work in design. I can’t imagine never being wrong about how a word is spelled. I blame my dyslexia for that.

062316 because of you

I have my parrots and finches to raise and take care of, and occasionally breed. I write erotic romances and hang out on line with other writers. I go out of my way to make him laugh because laughter will help him live longer. He likes the parrots and the canaries very much, having been my stand-in to feed and water when I have been gone. He reads my writing and is my editor. And he laughs because he truly likes my sense of humor. When I make a really good-bad pun, he will say, “Is it any wonder I love you?”

062316 wants to be with you

We also share interests. We both love puns. We love to read, and love science fiction. We love to go to conventions, but I go to see the authors and take workshops, he goes to visit with the fans. He got a taste of the Society for Creative Anachronism through me, but we have been inactive for various reasons for a while now. And we love movies, especially science and speculative fiction.

062316 fairy tale

Perhaps love doesn’t work that way for everyone. Mike had two bad marriages before we met. I’d been alone and not had a relationship until I met him. Those conditions made us more open to each other. I’m also pretty easy going and tolerant, whereas he can flare up now and again, but always comes around to a reasonable position. Nothing is as important to me, as far as material things, as he is. Our love works.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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