To be Healthy, You Need Balls

As writers, we are really good at sitting. We sit at our desks to write, we sit in coffee shops to write, we sit on a couch and watch TV and write, and we sit in comfy chairs for a live interview that will be on the national news later that day. We sit at tables in bookstores for signings, and we sit in our car or bus or train getting around to these places.

There are so many good exercises to strengthen your arms, legs, glutes, and so on. But how can you strengthen your core muscles with all that sitting? I’m so glad you asked!

wall sit how to

The exercise ball is the key. You get one that is perfectly sized for you – I’m 5’6”, short-waisted, and I sat comfortably on a 65 cm ball – and you balance. You sit for an hour or so, and before long you are gone into your story world, hardly noticing that your muscles are adjusting, working, keeping you straight and narrow.

060716 65 cm ball

Not only that, this huge round plastic air pillow is good for other exercises as well. You can take a plank break on it. You can do crunches and stuff. It’s all in the graphic below.

I hear you, the writers from cold, wet climates, saying you are in too much pain to do something like that. Pain is nothing to be ignored or belittled. A lot of people live with chronic pain, thinking there is nothing to be done. Perhaps you have gone to a medical professional and heard that you are just old and fat and have to live with arthritis and degenerative disc disease.

062616 bad ass

First of all, get another doctor. One who will not belittle your pain and want to talk about other things, like putting you on a truly horrendous diet. Then, see if the MELT program works for you. I know a woman who had chronic back pain since her son was an infant, due to lifting him and putting him in car seats and so on. She started the MELT program last November and as long as she keeps up with the exercises, she is free from the majority of the pain she used to feel.


Note: I am not associated with MELT in any way, and don’t get a kickback if you buy the materials. Darn it. But I like the balls they use and the long, foam cylinder. Nothing ever felt so good to me as putting that along my spine on the floor, then putting my arms out to the side. The stretch and the relaxing of muscles is totally a great feeling for a hunched-over writer.

061416 new skinny

So go get your balls and you cylinder and start strengthening your core. You have many more stories to write. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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