Your Fat Needs Culture

I have been overweight for many years. There’s no way I would turn down a pill that would let me eat whatever I wanted to eat and still lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. That would let me sit at the computer or sit and watch movies and not be obese. I’d give you my first born child if I had any, for such a pill and I know I am not alone. Continue reading “Your Fat Needs Culture”


Welcome to Hungerford, Inc.

I found the RWA National Convention in July of this year to be stunning in the range of helpful workshops, wonderful people, and willing mentors available. At the top of the list of things I came away with that are going to help me get where I am going I have to put Stephanie Bond’s workshop. Continue reading “Welcome to Hungerford, Inc.”

Perfect Back Story

Every fan of Romance novels knows that Happily Ever After is the perfect conclusion. And the more trouble the principles involved have to work through to get there, the better. Sexual tension is important, too. In our story, however, there’s not much sex of any kind yet. But there is an attraction and there is desire. The following back story needs to be woven in to the story going forward without heavy telling and without flashbacks. Continue reading “Perfect Back Story”