Perfect Heroine

Do you ever grit your teeth while reading a romance because the main characters are too perfect? Hopefully, as you read, the author has done a good job of revealing the flaws beneath the beautiful facade. Whenever an idea for a story takes root in my brain, I eventually get around to thinking about what my people look like. I use Pinterest more than I probably should to fix them in my mind.

I’m going to look at a heroine today. She will have a nice figure, one the hero notices immediately. No matter if she is tall and slender, short and curvy, or a medium point in both height and body size, she will get his attention immediately (I checked a couple pop culture web sites on this subject, and no two agree on what a man notices first. I’m going with my instincts here).

Her eyes are the next area he looks at. Not just the shape or color. In fact, a good number of men (about 8 per cent) are color blind. He’ll be looking for a sparkle, a knowing glance, a challenge, and/or encouragement. Men are such shy, insecure creatures.

Lips are way up at the top of men’s favorite bits. You may think he’s listening to you, but he’s thinking about how soft, plump, and tasty your mouth is. I mean, the hero is thinking that about the heroine. All she has to do now is smile, and he is gonna be hooked a little deeper.

The next stop on the masculine tour is wide-spread. Skin tone, glow, health are all things to be considered. Scars might pique his interest and shows you have not sat on a shelf, safe from all harm. I mean, she has been out in the world, being active and doing great things.

He will notice her chest. He’s been trying to be a gentleman and not look at her breasts while talking to her, but eventually, he has to look. Not all men are interested in huge mammalian protuberances. Some like the smooth, wear anything woman who doesn’t need boobs to get attention. And more than a handful, he’s heard, is a waste.

Legs don’t need to be long. In fact, he’s looking to see how much of them you feel comfortable showing off. Shoes are estimated here, as well, and more if he has a shoe or foot fetish.

080416 flirty

But wait, there’s more. Yanking his eyes away from those sexy feet, he finds the tone of her voice makes his heart beat a little faster. She flirts with him! She makes a joke and laughs. She’s perfect. Now she checks him out.

This is why, in my opinion, that there are readers for all writers. We will never find the end of the interest in one more story, as long as we write well and vary our elements. I hope, too, that you see your own beauty and appeal in the areas above. You are beautiful.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back with her points of interest on Sunday.


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