Meet R-R Varg

When I discover an up-and-coming author whose work interests me, I like to propose some questions and have a bit of a conversation about their answers. This month, I discovered R-R Varg.


081416 rrvargR-R. Varg is a 35-year-old shounen ai writer living in a small apartment in northern Sweden together with 4 cats and a dragon. Storytelling has always been R-R’s major hobby, but it was not until recently that a sudden realization hit R-R. Getting published turned into more than just a childhood dream, it’s about to become a reality. Look forward R-R’s debut novella from the Scrambled collection series, it will be self-published in 2018. Visit R-R’s information hub at:

My first question was how do you define shounen ai? Well, I will just leave this link to the Urban Dictionary here. Needless to say, this is a type of writing that I absolutely love and encourage.

Let’s get into the questions and see what else there is to discover about a writer of Japanese-type stories living in Sweden.

DLH. For your own reading, do you prefer ebooks or traditional paper/hard back books?

R-RV. I prefer paper books. I always feel a sense of peace entering a bookstore or a library, tension I didn’t know I carried disappears from my brain. But I now also have a lot of ebooks because they are convenient. Well, convenient in the sense that I can read them while I am at work. I’m now also subscribed to Audible, so I can multitask.
081416 rrvarg dragon

DLH. Do you prefer to write alone or in the company of other people?

R-RV. It depends. I’m more inspired when I write in the company of others, like sitting at a library or a café. Or in my sisters apartment. But sometimes I feel frustrated and then I just want to sit alone and write. It doesn’t happen often but when it happens I take my laptop or my phone and go sit either in my own apartment or in the bathroom of whatever place I happen to be in.

DLH. What kind of female/male character do you like to write about?

R-RV. Eccentric and weak characters growing up to become even more eccentric characters. Heh. Hopefully they will also learn a lot about themselves and others during the ride.

081416 rrvarg frog
DLH. What kind of female/male character do you like to read about?

R-RV. Eccentric ones. The more eccentric the better. I also prefer to read about male characters, but if it’s a good female character then I would read about her as well. But it’s harder to find a female character that I like because a lot of them come off as the author trying to make her out to be a “strong female” character when she mostly just comes off as a “wannabe male” character to me.

DLH. Do you remember the first story you ever read, and the impact it had on you?

R-RV. Before I turned six, there was a book that my mom read to me so often that I could recite it by heart. Now I do not remember what the name of it was or what it was about. I just remember that I loved that book. I’ve loved several books since then but I am sure that if my mom had not read that book to me when I was little I would not have known the joy of storytelling and the written word. It was my first love.

Great information and great insight! Thanks for sharing, R-R. I am looking forward to Scrambled, I love elves and humans living in the same world.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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