Perfect Back Story

Every fan of Romance novels knows that Happily Ever After is the perfect conclusion. And the more trouble the principles involved have to work through to get there, the better. Sexual tension is important, too. In our story, however, there’s not much sex of any kind yet. But there is an attraction and there is desire. The following back story needs to be woven in to the story going forward without heavy telling and without flashbacks.

Remember, they met in a bar. And then, nothing. At least, as far as Zachary knows. Anna learned that the bank of which Zach is CEO approved foreclosures on masses of farm properties, in complete disregard for the moratorium on farm foreclosures in force at the time. Anna Valmont had just started pre-med schooling when her parents lost their farm. They had taken out a second mortgage to pay for her tuition. She changed to a nursing career with grants from the state. Finding out that Zach had a hand in the biggest disaster of her life removed any interest she had in the man. Her parents still haven’t recovered financially.

081816 farm house

Zachary Nelson loved his father and hoped to impress the man by following in his footsteps into the world of finances and banking. Young and just entering a junior position at the bank, Zach listened to the wrong advice. He didn’t think he could ask his father about the foreclosures without sounding unsure and indecisive. So he authorized the foreclosures and auctions of 261 farms. He regretted it immediately and spoke to his father.

081816 city

The best thing about that was learning that his father already was impressed by Zach’s MBA in business and the open way he had in speaking with people in business conversations. Together, Zach and his father set about reversing as much of the damage as they could from the young man’s hasty actions. The bank paid penalties for not heeding the moratorium and were not able to return all the farms to the original families. But they were more proactive in that way than any other bank in the country, winning them long term customers and assets.

081816 crash

Back to the present of the story, ER nurse Anna sees emergency patient Zach wheeled in from the ambulance. She works with her team to get him stabilized and admitted to ICU. He wakes as he is being transferred from the gurney to the bed, sees her, and grabs a hold of her hand. The doctor is alarmed but Anna tells him it’s okay, she knows the man. Zach falls back into unconsciousness. Of course, admitting she knows him means she will not be assigned to any of his care.

So now we are faced with wrapping up the story and getting to that Happily Ever After. Will Zach lose his leg? Will Anna discover the truth about the bank foreclosures? Will the bank discover that the Valmont family is one they were unable to contact and return the money they lost? I would LOVE to have you give me your opinion on how your would write this, how you would end this, and what you want to have happen here.

Thanks for reading. Hopefully, I can wrap this up on Sunday.

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