Perfect Conclusion

To wrap up our Perfect Romance, we need to figure out how to get Anna and Zach together. Should Zach lose his leg due to the car crash? Would that make Anna more sympathetic to him? Would he reject her because he doesn’t want anyone’s pity?

I do know several people who have lost feet, arms, or legs due to accidents and illnesses. I admire how they have continued to live their lives. I don’t in any way think having a hero lose a leg would make him less of a man or more to be pitied. But I do think this complication would make the Happily Ever After harder to get to. And that’s not a bad thing.

082116 wheelchair

For now, for this blog, let’s assume the surgeons can save Zach’s leg. Maybe he will lose a toe. Anna had been with him before and after surgery. The next day when she checks on him, he has a visitor. A tall, distinguished-looking man in a very nice suit. When he smiles at Anna, she notices the resemblance to Zach. Her anger over her parents losing their farm and their way of life washes over her.

There follows a discussion in which Mr. Nelson, sr., hears Anna’s last name and asked if her parents are X and Y. Then he asks if she will come see him at the bank so he can give her some important information. Anna snaps that her parents are bankrupt and cannot pay any more than they already have.

082116 nelson sr

She storms off, but Mr. Nelson follows her and explains that the bank may owe her parents money. She agrees to come to see him before going to work her shift. Back in the room, Zach’s dad comments on the lady having fire and intelligence. Zach jokingly warns his dad to stay away from Anna. “She’s going to be mine.”

The past is healed with payments from the bank, and Zach heals enough to start walking unaided. Once he can do what he needs to do alone, like go to the toilet, he is discharged. Anna agrees to have dinner with him at his place.


082116 a penthouse view
A Penthouse View


There will be some tension as Anna deals with thinking she is being bought, but Zach promises he will never buy her expensive gifts or a house at the beach or pay for her to go to Med School. All of which is untrue and has her laughing at the ridiculousness. Then he kisses her.

I knew my husband was the man for me when he kissed me. So I probably feel more strongly that when a couple kiss, they will know if they are right for each other, more than any other thing they will do together. Anna kisses Zach, and the feeling grows stronger. They are on their way to falling in love.

082116 love interest for senior

Thus ends this Perfect Romance. Possibly the sequel will deal with finding a soul mate for the elder Mr. Nelson. I hear Senior Porn is big in Japan right now. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.



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