Your Fat Needs Culture

I have been overweight for many years. There’s no way I would turn down a pill that would let me eat whatever I wanted to eat and still lose weight or maintain a healthy weight. That would let me sit at the computer or sit and watch movies and not be obese. I’d give you my first born child if I had any, for such a pill and I know I am not alone.

The link between obesity and the contents of your intestines is more complicated than you would think. It’s not just what you eat that makes you overweight. It’s not just your activity levels. It’s all the little critters that live in your digestive track. More than we ever knew before.

082816 probiotic food

The hint came in 2011 when a woman received a fecal transplant from an obese donor and put on extra pounds. The patient had never been obese or carried extra weight before the transplant. The procedure was given to reverse a bacterial infection that could lead to dangerous inflammation of the lower intestines.

Following that, an experimental pill of frozen, freeze-dried feces from a thin donor came to be. Not many people wanted to get involved with it, but what if that is the pill we’ve been waiting for?

082816 poop pills

The key to having healthy gut flora seems to be all about saying no to antibiotics as much as possible (I am not a doctor, so please don’t quote me. Get your personal health care professional’s advice when you are really sick) or using probiotics whenever you must have the antibiotics. I take probiotics now as a regular supplement to my diet. I haven’t dropped too many pounds, but I have been slimming down in a way that is obvious to everyone who sees me. I think I am in the middle of having heavy muscles while losing lighter fat.

082816 kimchee

Another way to encourage good intestinal health is to consume fermented things. Sauerkraut, kimchee, a little bit of red wine, these encourage healthy flora. I do understand that many people have issues with alcohol, so a little kombucha (fermented tea) can substitute for wine. A daily beer isn’t too bad, especially if you stick to the craft beers that are not mass produced and that taste better, too.

The poop pills would be great but I suspect there will be a huge price tag involved since donors need to be screened and relieved of the transplant material. It would be a giant step for weight loss, but in the meantime, my flora and I will keep taking little steps.

082816 beer

I have some story lines that involve women of above average size, but I don’t tend to think about men being overweight, especially since they can usually lose the weight much more quickly. Maybe that’s something I need to look at and go with my gut feelings. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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