Charity Means Love, Love Invokes Romance

Over the past year, the number of Romance authors involved in charities makes me proud to be part of that group. My own Romance Writers of America chapter holds an annual event to fight illiteracy. A group of writers, including Romance writer Julia Quinn, wrote onstage in front of an audience to produce Hotel Angeline, with the proceeds of the event going to charity. Alyssa Cole supports clean water for everyone through the United Nations Global Goals.


There’s support for homeless animals, homeless veterans, in fact, there’s a place to go and look at all the charities that need your help. The Waygate Foundation can connect you with your favorite author and the charity they support.

“We work with authors to run fundraising drives and events for charities of their choice. Fans participate in these drives, giving them the opportunity both to become involved in charities their favorite authors support and to win some amazing prizes.”


Socks of Love for homeless people


I have always believed that part of my life goal, part of the reason I am on the planet at this time, is to give when and where I can. Through the years, I have been helped and supported by friends and family in amazing ways. When I can’t pay the person back, or when they do not want repayment, I pay it forward.

Americans are pretty good at donating to charity but pretty bad at accepting it for themselves. We keep breaking records in giving every year, with more people making donations than turning out to vote. Yikes!


The most successful charities are those that ask the receiver to help create their wish, like Habitat for Humanity. They have renovated many houses in the area where I live and built one apartment complex near a bus line, schools, and stores. When I have income to share, I love giving to that cause. I have always wanted to be a homeowner and this is my way of putting aside good karma for when that time comes.


So why do we all benefit from charity? Because you feel so good when you do good things. You teach others to do good. You lend a hand to anyone reaching toward you. You motivate others, you spread your own joy, and you have time to forget your own issues because someone else is more important.


Romance writers have a special fondness for the first responders and the military. RWA-SD has helped send out care packages to active duty military personnel and donated books and other items for the comfort of our defenders.


Writers live by getting inside the heads of others, real or imagined. So it’s natural that charity would appeal to those types of people. These days, many of the main characters in a book work for a cause or help others in some way. Even historicals have heroines who feed the poor or help at the orphanages. Even the heroes pay their former nurse a retirement wage. We expect that.

We expect, too, that we are the heroes and heroines of our own story. And so we give. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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