Sweet World

Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will be in a new world where you may eat anything you want. Anything. Want ice cream for breakfast? Go for it. Crave chocolate cake for lunch? It’s yours. Steak and eggs three times a day? I won’t say no. Honestly, anything you want, you can have it.


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The Last Chance


As we are heading into the wonderful time of the year when the barriers between the worlds of living and dead are thin, let us look at how some people bid us adieu. Some of these you may have heard before and some could be new and inspiring. I’ve borrowed heavily from two websites. My own words are in italics. Continue reading “The Last Chance”

The Right Time to Write

Authors struggle daily and on-going to live a full life and to find the time to write. I have sat in on several workshops covering ways to solve this puzzle. Lucky for me, I never think I have it right. I keep sitting in on more and more lectures. That’s why I zipped down to the early meeting where author Rick Ochocki explained how he does it. Plan and Manage Your Writing Time. Continue reading “The Right Time to Write”

Why I Love Romance Writers

Over the years, most of my best friends have come from the group known as writers. A large portion of those is Romance Writers. I admire and support these people, not just because a few admire and support me, but because they are funny, creative, emotional, and never stop learning. The more well known the author, the more they also never stop sharing. Continue reading “Why I Love Romance Writers”