The Pregnant Omega

While I was buying the rest of the serieses (what’s the plural of series? Two series?) that I discovered through an on-line workshop, I found that the title Winter’s Heat had been used a few times. That’s cool. As long as you know which author you are looking for. The other book was a shifter M/M about the pack Alpha and a pregnant Omega.

Both males. One pregnant. When did that happen? Because I looked over the selection of books in that genre and found several marked M/M Mpreg. How cool is that?

Somewhere in my writing, I have a story set in the future involving a space war between earth people and other people. The captured earth pilot, after some BDSM that I didn’t even know I was into, falls in love with the woman who holds him captive. And she gets pregnant, but with twins. Her people have a genetic thing that causes them to abort twins.

By this time the couple has escaped her world and are on an earth ship. The doctors are able to remove one fetus and implant it in the human male. That’s about where I stopped writing it, and who knows if I ever will finish it? I just love the fact that male pregnancy is now a thing.


One of my fellow authors loves vampire romances. I prefer shifters, I told her, because the vampires have to die and can’t have children and can’t ever go out in the sunlight. She looked at me like I was missing the point. “The best part of being a writer is that you can create your world where your vampires can be whatever you want, whoever you want them to be. Just don’t have them glitter in the sunlight.”

How would I define my characters if I made them vampires? Blood would be like donuts. Not needed for life to continue, not good for them, but something they crave now and then. The sun would not damage them as long as they haven’t had any blood within 24 hours of exposure. And they could totally reproduce. Their society frowns on fraternizing with humans because we need tension and conflict for the story to be interesting.


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My vampires would live long lives but not be immortal. They would be able to heal easily and be immune to most viruses and diseases that take down humans. Being alive for so long, they would need hobbies. Reading, music, collection art, building huge mansions and then turning them over to charities. This will be a good life.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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