Names for Characters and More

Many writers struggle with find the perfect name for their characters. I currently have, I believe, two female main characters with the same first name. Oh well, neither story is going to be published before I get a chance to work on it.

If one writes historical romances and fiction, one simply has to know the region where the story will take place and pick one of the common names or maybe not so common names from that time and place. Regency England, Jane, Elizabeth, Sophie, Mary, and Charlotte meet Robert, Charles, John, Edward, and Benjamin in Hyde Park during the fashionable hour. Much less complicated than contemporary names. Honestly, Tiffany and Britnee and Taylor will never get off their phones long enough to meet Evin, Maddox, or Theo.

Elizabeth could live here

Names are fun to discover, but I spend way too much time sometimes looking for something unique for a character. In a story to be written later, I have a police detective who is not just hot but amazingly gorgeous. Here’s how the FMC first sees him. Right after she parallel parks on top of his sports car.


Not only was he close by, he had been waiting for her to finish parking so he could pull out. She watched him unfold his six-foot-omg frame out of the tiny car, his shades hanging down on his face. The look he gave her made her want to fall at his feet and beg for forgiveness.

I’m so sorry!” She wanted to say more, but taking in his super buff body, skin an appealing shade of coffee with a drop of cream, and hard, angular jaw stole her breath.

He narrowed his eyes at her, drawing attention to the tilt that placed his heritage somewhere in Asia, or maybe the Pacific islands.


His name turns out to be Akoni Maru Flint but he prefers to use his last name. I went to this web page and found Akoni (What does the name Akoni mean? The meaning of the name “Akoni” is: “Inestimable, priceless”). And Maru (What does the name Maru mean? The meaning of the name “Maru” is: “Moriori god of healing”). Detective Flint will be the priceless healer in the life of my heroine.


I also created a beach-side town in California caller Surrey Ridge. I’m planting it up the coast near Point Magu, so there should be lots of opportunity for shenanigans. I wanted to avoid the pseudo-Spanish names many places in the area are burdened with. So when I saw a street sign that used Surrey, I thought that would be the perfect name for my beach and foothills city.


How do you come up with names? Characters, pets, streets, cities, etc. Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading. I’ll be back on Thursday.


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