Finding Time to Schedule Time

On Thursday, I shared tips and tools that I learned from my fellow Romance Writers of America member, Rick Ochocki. I have been so excited to get these options set up for myself and create a more efficient day. Being more productive is high on my life goals.

Another priority has been to “sprint” for 2 hours every weekday. Sprinting in terms of writing is just to write without interruption on your story, your work in progress. I started doing this last summer and have been very successful in sticking to it. I have the support of several good friends from, you guessed it, RWA.


Our out-going chapter president, Tameri Etherton, started a challenge in October. To write for 30 minutes for 30 days. This will give us a running start toward National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) in November. I’ve tried NaNo a couple times and never finished. I am so optimistic about it this year. I have managed the writing challenge for a week now. Not a big deal for the Monday through Friday when I am already writing. But carving out time on the weekend? That is a major accomplishment.

One thing Rich shared that didn’t make it into my blog is that he uses the lists on Workflowy to track things like Christmas presents. He can buy all year long and mark it off and remember what he bought on his lists. I want to do that for birthdays and Christmas.


Tracking an individual day for myself is almost a challenge as big as the write 30 minutes for 30 days. I use reminders on my Thunderbird calendar, so I will need to make similar entries on the Google calendar. I also have lots of things not on the calendar that I will need to put in. I’m already daunted.


Take a deep breath and exhale slowly, I tell myself. Close your eyes and imagine you have gotten your schedule onto the calendar. You never miss an important meeting or appointment or chore. You get the important things done and have everything parceled out so that eventually all the work will be done.

The first step is to schedule an hour every day to work on the basic calendar template, The adding in of changes and oddments can then happen on a daily basis. This will work and be just what you needed to get through the writing process. And all without letting the housework, yard work, and social events slip through the cracks.


Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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