Sweet World

Tomorrow, when you wake up, you will be in a new world where you may eat anything you want. Anything. Want ice cream for breakfast? Go for it. Crave chocolate cake for lunch? It’s yours. Steak and eggs three times a day? I won’t say no. Honestly, anything you want, you can have it.


There is only one rule in this world. You must stop when you are full. In fact, you have to pause after 15 minutes and wait another 15 to get proper feedback from your system. After that time, if you still feel hungry, eat a bit more. If you feel full, put the food away.


Amazing idea? Actually, that’s rather how our bodies were designed to function. It’s our brains that malfunction. So we need to set the gray matter straight. You do not need to eat a huge amount now in fear that there won’t be any later. Growing up in a relatively poor household (because let’s face it, I always lived in a house and had clothes and food. Things could have been much worse) we ate very well when there was a payday. But by the end of that pay period, supplies were low.


Now, it’s an election year and we’ve passed one more rule. You must eat sweets for breakfast or with breakfast. Sweets in the morning increase your metabolism and can reduce your hunger, especially for sweets. http://www.tampabay.com/news/health/research/the-chocolate-cake-diet-can-dessert-with-breakfast-really-help-you-lose/1214588


What you eat when is a major component in your health and weight status. One of the most successful eating plans I followed, Fit for Life, set out very rigid rules about eating certain things at a certain time of day. Fruit juice, fresh squeezed, started the day, followed by other fruits until noon. Then grains and vegetables for lunch, vegetables for a snack, and protein with vegetables for dinner. Never were you allowed to eat grains and protein together. And if you didn’t think you were full yet, you had to wait for that important signal from your body before eating more. http://www.elle.com/beauty/health-fitness/news/a30358/fit-for-life-diet/

I lost weight and I gained so much energy. I did aerobics and went hiking and really enjoyed my life. Then I went out with people and watched them eat steak and baked potatoes, chicken and rice, spaghetti. There was no mental support to the plan, I hadn’t changed my feelings and needs about food.


In this new world, I can write down what I eat and how I feel about it. I can think about why I want to eat any item. I can be accountable to someone I trust who will read my food journal and encourage me. I will listen to what my body tells me about satiety. I will fix the mental illness that tries to use food to stop the pain.

I accept that being obese and removing fat from my body is a difficult process that will never end. But I also accept that if I can change my thinking completely and consistently, I will have a better chance than ever before.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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