If you are like me, you have encountered the word “balance” many times over. You eat a balanced meal, you balance your time between work and personal life, and you balance your checkbook when you absolutely have to. Continue reading “Balance”


Winners Write History

Oppressed people always touch my heart and soul. Maybe in a past life I suffered through slavery or resettlement or pogroms. Maybe my belief that what happens to any one person on the planet happens to all of us sways my feelings. But for whatever reason, I carry it as a burden. Continue reading “Winners Write History”

Editing Yourself

I’m reading books these days by folks who need a better editor. Not naming names, because obviously, the lack of editing doesn’t bother many people. I totally have issues with lack of commas or commas where not needed, wrong tense, and head hopping. I can see it clearly in the books I read. But when I read my own work, the blinders come out.


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