Paranormal Romance Is Undead

At the Romance Writers of America National Convention in San Diego this past June, I loved hearing that trends don’t really exist any longer. Thanks to self-publishing indie authors, we don’t have to wait for the traditional publishers to decide what will be up and coming. We can write whatever we want and the readers love it. As long as we write a good story, an audience will be found.

I write paranormal short story erotic romances for The Bowman’s Inn anthologies. Most of these have to do with Greek gods, spirits, and mythology. I also write about shapeshifters, mostly werewolves, in the anthologies. And I have a shapeshifter novel hanging around on a back-back burner. Seriously, I don’t know when I will get to that fun story. Oh well.


Antique Vampire Killing Kit. Only works on antique vampires.


So I sat in on a discussion panel on Paranormal Romance Chat with Heather Graham, Nalini Singh, and Rebecca Zanetti. Even though I had a program, I wasn’t good at attributing quotes I wrote down to the correct author speaking. Let’s just pretend there’s no earthly way of knowing.

One of these talented ladies always wondered what would happen if we humans could use 100% of our brains? And what would be the cost of this ability? Ghosts hold power in our imaginations. Some of us grew up on Twilight Zone and Hammer Films. (And some of us had to keep the lights on for a long time after seeing The Legend of Hill House)


“I was advised not to write paranormal, it was dead,” one of them explained. “So I wrote happy vampires.” You will hear many people saying that this genre or that is dead. For traditional publishers, that may be the case. By the time they get a book out, the tide has turned. But self-publishers can jump on the tide much more quickly so writing what you like makes more sense.


In fact, if anyone can predict when the popularity of genre will end, they should be in an office in New York, telling everyone the scoop. Booksellers might be preparing for a big paranormal push. But if you write to market, you’ll always be too slow. Write from the heart. And watch Supernatural.

Someone in the audience wanted to know what the next paranormal sub-genre would be. Zombie romance was suggested. Many of us love Warm Bodies, a zombie romance book, and movie. With a cure for whatever caused the zombie condition, the romance could work.


Very cute for a zombie.


There are several more topics from this discussion: Best-selling tropes, explaining what you write to non-readers, Book Bibles, Paranormal Historicals, Paranormal Mysteries, and Series. I will do my best to get to them all and share this knowledge with you. Thanks for Reading! I’ll be back on Sunday


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