Introducing Lynn Miller

On the second Sunday of each month, I have the pleasure of introducing a new author of my acquaintance to my readers. My guest this month is Lynn Miller, author of paranormal romances.

Lynn Miller lives in Johannesburg, South Africa. Her love for storytelling started before she was able to read or write but she only found the time to pursue this lifelong passion once she sold her software business. Her magical tales weave the blurred grey between good and evil with love, family, and friendship.

When she’s not writing, you can find her curled up with a cup of coffee and her kindle. She has always enjoyed both Romance and Urban Fantasy, and she writes in the genre that encompasses both: Paranormal Romance. She’s an outdoorsy city girl – comfortable at a campsite with her family or enjoying cocktails with her girlfriends.


The Sons of Rebellion, her debut series, tells the story of a family of fallen angels and their struggles balancing a personal and professional life with battling demons.
Book 1, The Witch’s Pride, tells Jet and Laken’s Story:
Fallen Angel Jet has two weeks to find a witch or lose the most important weapon in the fight against The Devil. The powers that be decided eons ago that Jet will marry her and start a new generation of magic. Instead, he falls for a woman from his past: Laken – a fellow ER doctor and single mom with secrets of her own. Falling for her new boss seems masochistic, and that is before she learns about Jet’s part in her family’s secret and troubled history.

I started in with one of my current obsessions, National Novel Writing Month.

D.L. Hungerford: What are your feelings on NaNoWriMo?

Lynn Miller: I have never completed Nano, and I haven’t participated for the last two years. I do think it’s a great initiative, though and I admire my friends that have the discipline to complete it. I must admit that I have written more this month than other years when I actually participated. So maybe next year…

DLH: Are you a morning person or a night owl?
LM: Night owl definitely. First, morning doesn’t exist before coffee. I’m not exactly unpleasant in the morning but I don’t think I am firing on all cylinders. There are days when my daughter has left for school and I’ll remember an hour later that she has a major exam and I didn’t wish her luck. But at night, oh, all my imaginary friends come out to play. I am by far productive after dinner time.

DLH: Do you remember the first story you ever read and the impact it had on you?
LM: I’ve always loved series. I remember when I started reading finding a book about Babar the Elephant. I don’t remember much of it but there are a few books about him and his family and I wanted to know all there was to know about them. As I got older I remember feeling the same way about Adrian Mole and later Princess Mia. It’s how I feel about the Black Dagger Brotherhood and the Demonica Brothers. It’s this love for getting to know characters over a few stories that’s probably at the heart of me writing a series now. A series that’s ultimately about family with a heavy dose of Romance.

DLH: What kind of female character do you like to write about?
LM: I love independent women. Women who could very well carry on without a male lead. I love it when my female characters need to do the rescuing. I enjoy it when they don’t make things easy for the men in their lives. Real women, who cannot just stop their lives because they’ve fallen in love with some gorgeous supernatural creature.

DLH: And of course, what about your male characters.
LM: Oh, I love the Alpha Male. Especially when teamed with a strong independent female who really doesn’t need him. But I think we’ve redefined what makes an alpha. He’s strong, yes. I think I tend to play around more with my male characters. Because I have women who will not tolerate their nonsense I’ll have them behave in a typical alpha male style and have my female characters deal with them. That’s a lot more fun for me.



DLH: Which famous person, living or dead would you like to meet and why?
LM: Well, I’ve actually met Nelson Mandela. That experience was as awesome as everyone says.
When we met, I was meant to wear a name tag, and I refused. So when I walked up to him, he asked my name, which then started a conversation. All the time, the photographer is trying to get me to face the camera. And all I’m thinking is “Who cares about the photo, I’m talking to Mr Mandela.

That last answer blew me away! If you want to get in touch with Lynn, you can find her on Twitter @lynnmillerfic or read her blog at

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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