News from Anteros

Several years ago, I was talking to a writer friend on-line about ways to grow an audience. I thought maybe an anthology of sorts would work well. The friend disagreed and said to just write good books and get them out. Have a bunch of titles and soon you will have the fans you need.

Great advice and I have heard that from countless other authors. However, in reality, I am not a fast writer. I needed two years to get Book 2 of Regency Banquet written. I almost had Book 3 written but got sidetracked by NaNoWriMo. I’ll be blogging more about that later in this month. What I learned is, I am a fast writer. I need time set aside just to write, I need daily word goals, and I need planning.


Where was I? Oh, right. I figured, back a few years ago, to try the anthology thing anyway. I came up with a fun idea: Cupid and Psyche are reborn over and over and he has to find her and convince her to be with him. In the current era, she’s Mandy Boone, a Native American who got an inheritance and bought a run-down hotel in Anteros. First, she fixed up the pub on the ground floor and because it’s near an abandoned archery range, she called it The Bowman’s Inn.


How I envision the pub on the street


Enter Cupid, now known as Valentine Archer. He’s a bartender. And he’s hot. When two people come into the bar, he can tell if they belong together or not. Instead of shooting them with arrows or darts, he mixes up a special drink that opens up the possibilities of love for those involved.


Many of my writer friends liked the idea, many had ideas for stories, and before long we put out the first collection, The Bowman’s Inn Book 1: Spring 2015. Summer, Autumn, and Winter followed. And then stupid things happened and the group fell apart. A couple of wonderful people stepped in and helped me get a handle on what had gone wrong and how to fix it.


So we found a better editor, sent all four volumes to her, and republished them on Amazon. Then, to sweeten the deal, we gathered them all into a Yearbook! Yes, you can get ALL the Bowman’s Inn stories in one e-book for half the price of all four. And look at this awesome cover!


The image that started it all. Valentine Archer aka Cupid


We plan to put out at least two more collections, with two seasons per volume. And if you want to be informed when these come out, be sure to sign up for The Anteros Gazette, the newsletter that all fans of The Bowman’s Inn will want to get. (Watch this blog for a sign-up link!.)


Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.

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