New Year Possibilities

122715 bullshit

Resolutions never do much for me. I have found them to be detrimental to my process. Like when I have been eating clean and having a relaxed meal and someone tells me what I should be eating. Bring on the lava cake and donuts, because I will go out of my way to say, “Oh, yeah?” Sigh.

Instead, I look back at the year past and think of 3 things I have done for the first time. All of my firsts for 2016 involve writing. Imagine that! It’s like fate or something.

051216 the end


I went to a national Romance Writers of America convention. I had a great time and took copious notes which I then shared with the readers of this blog. And I have more to go. I listened in person to amazing writers like Nora Roberts, Beverly Jenkins, and Robyn Carr. Just to name a few, because there were hundreds of brilliant women writers there.


Shortly after the convention, I started sprinting with my local RWA chapter members. While I wish I was actually running every day, I actually sat down to write for two hours every day, checking in with my fellow writers to state how many words I had accomplished. We weren’t competing with each other, but with ourselves. Having a rigid time frame for writing every day was totally a first for me. And it has made such a difference in my writing life.

Because I finished National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) for the first time after 5 starts or so. This means I get to put cool graphics up proclaiming my win and get a t-shirt that says I’m a winner. I love it! It’s the kind of self-support that I need to create in my life.


Looking forward to 2017, I’m going to California Dreamin’, a local writers convention put on by four RWA chapters. I’ve gone before so that’s not a first. But I made an appointment to pitch to an agent. That will be a first. If all goes well, I will be submitting a manuscript as requested (again not a first but always exciting) and the agent will love the story and I’ll sell the story and the sequels. That will be a first.


As to the third event that will be a first for 2017, I will let fortune bring it to me because I hesitate to set too many things in stone. I am open to many paths of excitement and fun in my life. The possibilities are myriad and dazzling.

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.

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