Let’s Do IT in the Sewer

Regency England is a challenging historical era in which to set erotic Romance. The rules are strict and the least error on the part of a young lady can ruin her life. The men were held to be unable to control their lusts, so no blame on them. Being female came with so many rules and ways to end badly.

My third book in the Regency Banquet series is Dessert: Pure Elation. I want it to be light and sweet and satisfying. Quite the challenge as there is blackmail and kidnapping going on.


My muse for Amelia Winter


My heroine, Amelia Winter, is a bit spoiled as an only child of wealthy parents. She grew up with her Curtis cousins but never actually gained a place among them. As a young adult, Mellie is determined to marry one of the twins, so as to guarantee her happy future. And when one of them comes home, married (SPOILER alert. Sorry), she resolves to make the remaining Curtis son fall in love with her.


There’s a lot of stuff going on that has slopped over from Book Two and Amelia gets swept up in it. She ends up being held prisoner for a while in a slum in Cheapside. She escapes at great risk of life, limb, and gown. The sewers below the building offer a way to freedom, if not the most pleasant of walking tours.




Bernard Curtis realizes he loves her (No, that’s not a spoiler. It’s a Romance, isn’t it? Had to happen) and follows her into the lower level. When he finds her, she is half-naked, cold, and so happy to see him that she kisses him.


She had to leave her dress and stays behind.


Mellie has allowed other suitors to kiss her and she quite enjoys the act. She’s become adventurous and wants to learn more. Bernard had a mistress but has ended things with her. He wants to marry his cousin and soon. Having her willing and pliant in his arms is the last straw for his restraint.

Don’t you think they will laugh about their first time together being in the sewers? Oh, how the rats were embarrassed! The smell will always arouse them. Okay, maybe not.


Regency and Georgian era citizens were not as repressed as Victorians.


In September of 2016, I had the pleasure of listening to Callie Hutton speak. She’s a best-selling author of historical romances. You can read the blog post I did about that here: https://windr0se.wordpress.com/2016/09/22/making-history-relevant/

Making your characters from the Regency or any period relevant to modern audiences is an on-going task. Absolutely vital to gain an audience and to keep them reading. I had so much fun with Amelia as she learned to be sexually open with the man she loved. And no letting a detail like being in the sewers stop her from learning what she wanted to know.


Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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