Ebooks or The Treasures of Modern Times

Ebooks captured my attention from the early days. The idea of carrying an entire library worth of books around with me was better than sliced bread and solved so many problems for me. Like what to do when I finished a book and hadn’t brought a second one. Or how to keep my wrists and hands from hurting while reading hardbacks or really thick books. A career of 24 years at a desk job that included lifting heavy case files had ruined my tendons.


My first eReader was a little NOOK e-ink. http://goodereader.com/blog/electronic-readers/the-history-of-the-barnes-and-noble-nook-and-ebook-ecosystem My darling husband had been steadfast in declaring he would never give up real books. Still, we each got a NOOK and began to compile our library. We didn’t need the colors, black ink on a white background was ideal. And yes, we do still buy real books, even hardbacks, especially when we get them autographed.


I thought I wanted a bigger screen and a fancier device, yet when my husband found a reader for our android phones, I loved the idea. FBReader has been a wonderful way to carry all my books with me all the time. https://fbreader.org/FBReaderJ


The Hunger Games came free with my NOOK


While I write historical and contemporary Romances, I read a wide variety of genres. Science Fiction will always be a top contender and histories and autobiographies as well. I am currently dedicated to an hour of reading in the afternoons when my chores are done about an hour before turning off the lights for sleep.


Husband Mike does the ordering of books for us both, so he has access to my Amazon Wish List. I have one called Buy These Now, and when I know we can afford it, I ask him to buy the books on the list. I then print out the list and delete the books that are now on my phone. Of course, unless the author is someone I have read before, there’s a chance the book will make me more upset than relaxed. So I try to keep good records but always willing to try someone new.


There’s the drawback to ebooks. While the concept has created an entirely new environment for writers and publishers, there’s also been a feeling that the writer doesn’t need to polish and edit and proofread their stories. I can deal with a little lack of editing if the story is great. But I have put aside ebooks that don’t make me happy.


Hooray for writers, books, and fans! There are enough readers in the world for all of us writers. And now the book-a-day readers really want to hear from their favorite writers. Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Sunday.


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