En- Gauged Health

Every trip to the doctor or even the dentist will involve meters and measurements to tell how healthy you are. Your temperature might be taken, your blood pressure checked, reaction time on joints, even hand strength is used to get a full picture. Those clues along with a blood panel will be used to determine where you are in a health matrix.

Medical science is making strides, especially with diabetes blood sugar monitors and blood pressure. http://www.gluco-wise.com/ http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2016/02/best-home-blood-pressure-monitor/index.htm And sleep apnea machines and pacemakers and so on. Obviously keeping track of some issues is vital to staying healthy.

Stearmpunk gauge sticker

For obese over-eaters who eat due to boredom or emotional struggles or because it’s Tuesday, a gauge to tell us when we have consumed enough would come in so handy. You see, your stomach doesn’t know if you are full until a good 15 minutes after you reach that point. Do you know how many slices of pizza I can consume in 15 minutes?


Sure, I could take a small serving and wait a half hour to see if I am still hungry. That would be the sensible thing to do. But probably the pizza would be gone by then and everyone else would be starting on dessert. Oh, the humanity!


Slightly off topic, I wish my dog had some indicator lights to show when she needs to urinate (yellow light) or defecate (brown light) or both (green light). This way, we aren’t walking in the cold, dark night not knowing how many times she needs to stop and actually do something or if she really is just wasting time sniffing.


When you get the habit of overeating to feel better at the age of 8 years old, several decades later it’s a monumental, I might even say huge, problem and not easy to solve. A recent event threw me for a loop and has me eating out of control. The loss includes one of my walking partners, so I have a middle of the day, three days a week, when I am under-motivated to leave my house. (FYI, hug your loved ones hourly if possible. Send a text or call. Do not hesitate to go see them if you don’t hear from them when expected.)


What I appreciate is that the years of improving my health, eating better, being more active, have given me a sense of when I have been too inactive, as well as when I have eaten beyond my needs. This keeps me somewhat sane and gives me a lifeline to hold on to. I haven’t gone completely around the bend. I can find my way back to positive self-care.


And maybe I will be a little smarter and more gentle with myself. Quality of life has to balance with those healthy salads and swim classes. I embrace balance and health and know that I am perfect just the way I am. I need a gauge to tell me that, huh?

Thanks for reading, I’ll be back on Thursday.


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